Department of Science & Humanities (SH)

Farheen Akter Bhuian

Lecturer, Department of Science & Humanities (SH)

Farheen Akter Bhuian

Lecturer, Department of Science & Humanities (SH)


Faculty Profile


Name:  Farheen Akter Bhuian

Designation: Lecturer


Contact Number: 01604124161



10th Floor, Tower Four, MIST.

Mirpur Cantonment, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh.



  • MSS (Sociology), (Thesis)

            Master of Social Science, Session: 2020-2021


  • B.S.S (Sociology)

            Bachelor of Social Science, Session: 2016-2017


Research Domain:

  • Gender and Health
  • Environment and Climate Change
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Education
  • Disability Studies



  1. “Changing narratives of scientific knowledge: How technology has changed society during the Covid-19 pandemic” was presented at the 7th annual conference of the Bangladesh Institute of Social Research-BISR). The abstract was published in the conference proceedings.
  2. “The cultural and socio-political indicators shaping the access to Quality Education: An overview on promoting lifelong learning lessons for all,” presented at the 2nd international conference held by the South Asian Institute for Social Transformation-SAIST on August 13, 2022.
  3. “Environmentally sustainable rural livelihood in ecologically vulnerable regions of Bangladesh: An approach for poverty alleviation” at the 6th International Conference on Sustainable Development held at United International University.
  4. “Disability, Sexuality, and Space: Exploring SRH Experiences of People with Disability in Dhaka City, presented at the 18th Asia-Pacific Sociological Association Conference at the University of Sydney, 2023.


    1. A jointly edited book, “INDIA AND THE WORLD,” was published in New Delhi in 2023. The Amazon link to the book is

Research Experience

Academic research activities


  • Master thesis: Disability, Sexuality, and Space: Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare Experiences of Young People with Disabilities in Dhaka City.
  • Bachelor monograph: Understanding the social background and academic performance: A study on the students of the Department of Women and Gender Studies, University of Dhaka.
  • Regional Editor, Global Dialogue, published by International Sociological Association (ISA). Link
  • Content Translator (English-Bangla) for the “Health for the Community” project funded by Healthy Neighbourhoods, Republica Portuguese, in partnership with the USF da Baixa, at the Portugal Multicultural Academy.


Regional Editor, International Sociological Association (ISA), Canada.

Training Experience:

Workshop Attended:

  • Workshop on 'Research Paradigms and Advanced Methodology in Arts and Social Sciences’ conducted by the Center for Advanced Research in Arts and Social Sciences (CARASS) held on May 5-May 20, 2019.

Training Received:

  • Received training on Sampling, SPSS, Nvivo, and Mendeley reference managing in a six-month-long youth research program from July 1- 24 December 2022, arranged by Datascape research consultancy and limited and facilitated by Prof.Dr. Md Jamal Uddin.
  • Received training for successfully completing the Youth Leadership Training Program under the Youth Engagement in Democracy Project, held between May 20 and May 22, 2023.


Govt. scholarship on honors result.




  • Social Research Methods, Gender, Society and Development, Sociology on Migration, Sociology of Minority, Sociology of Disability, Urban Ecology, Rural Sociology, Sociology of Education, Sociology of Health and Medicine, Criminology, Social Statistics, Political Sociology, Social Stratification, Sociology of Marriage & Family, Sociology of Modernity, Sociology of Religion, Classical Social Thought, Modern & Post-Modern Sociological Theory, Introduction to Anthropology, Sociology of Disaster, Social inequality, Social Problems and Issues in Bangladesh, Industrial Sociology




  • Faculty Member, Department of Sc & Hum, Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST), Mirpur Cantonment, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh.
    Duration: September, 2023 – Present.
  • Research Associate, Samahar Consultancy LTD.