Department of Science & Humanities (SH)

Abdul Barik

Lecturer, Department of Science & Humanities (SH)

Abdul Barik

Lecturer in Physics

Department of Science and Humanities (SH)


Contact Information

Room No: 1004, Tower-4, 10th Floor
Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST)

Mirpur Cantonment, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh

Mobile: 01518389697, 01742719440



Academic Experience

  • Master of Science in Physics

            Department of Physics

            Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology

  • Bachelor of Science in Physics

            Department of Physics

           Pabna University of Science and Technology


Research Network

Research Domain

  • Computational and experimental condensed matter physics and Material Science. 

Research Expertise

  • Investigation of structural, electrical and optical properties of perovskite compound thin films by experimental work.
  • Investigation and observation of the different systems and operation of TRIGA (Training, Research, Isotope and General Atomics) research reactor at Center for Research Reactor, Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology, Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission.
  • Investigation of structural, elastic, optical and electronic properties by DFT study with CASTEP code.
  • Graphing and data analysis.


Journal Publications

  • Ahad, A., Ahamed, T., Biswas, M.B., Khandaker, E., Barik, A. and Taher, M.A. (2023). “Investigation of the effect of sintering temperatures on the structural and magnetic properties of (Bi0.90Sm0.10Fe0.93Cr0.07O3) ferrite,” Materials Chemistry and Physics, p. 127790.
  • Akter, S., Ahad, A., Das, M.K., Taher, M.A., Barik, A., Alam, F. and Khan, M.N.I. (2022). “Study of structural, dielectric, and impedance properties of lead-free Zr and Y Co-doped BaTiO3,” Materials Chemistry and Physics, p. 125241.
  • Babu, M.M.H., Saha, T., Podder, J., Roy, P., Barik, A. and Haque, E. (2021). “Electronic structure transition of cubic CsSnCl3 under pressure: effect of rPBE and PBEsol functional and GW method,” Heliyon, vol. 7(8), p. 07796, Elsevier BV.
  • Hossain, M.S., Haque Babu, M.M., Saha, T., Hossain, M.S., Podder, J., Rana, M.S., Barik, A. and Rani, P. (2021) “Pressure induced semiconductor to metal phase transition in cubic CsSnBr3 perovskite,” AIP Advance, vol. 11(5), p. 055024, American Institute of Physics.


  • Barik, A., Ahad, A., Babu, M.H., Podder, J. and Sharmin, M. “Investigation of structural, optical and electrical properties of calcium substituted barium titanate thin films for various optoelectronic applications,” International Conference on Physics-2022, 19-21 May 2022, Atomic Energy Centre, Dhaka.