Department of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)

Md Shofiqul Islam

Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)


Room 113. Tower 3, Department of CSE, MIST.

Mirpur Cantonment, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh.


  • M.Phill. in Computer Science and Engineering

University Malaysia Pahang (UMP), November 24, 2022

  • B.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering (4 Years)

Islamic University, Kushtia, Bangladesh. Date of Graduation: February 2014



  • Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA) Time: Mar 2018- Nov 2022, University Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia.
  • Merit Scholarship(Every year) in B.Sc from Computer Science and Engineering in Islamic University, Bangladesh, Time: 2009-2013, Islamic University, Bangladesh
  • Talent Scholarship (Final result) in B.Sc in Computer Science and Engineering from Islamic University, Bangladesh, 2015, Islamic University, Kushtia Bangladesh.


  • M.Sc(Research) title: Multilabel sentiment analysis on complex sentences using hierarchical attentive capsule with dueled RNN.

Time : 10 June 2022

Supervised by Dr Zaifa, Faculty of Computing, University Malaysia Pahang, Gambang, Pahang, Kuantan, Malaysia

  • B.Sc(Thesis) title: Advanced bilingual translator and intelligent dictionary 

Time: 10 January 2014

Supervised by Md. Mujahidul Islam, Associate Professor, Dept. of CSE, Islamic University, Kushtia-7003, Bangladesh.


[1] Member of IBM Lab, University Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia.

[2] Member , IEEE


Research Domain: Sentiment Analysis, Data Mining, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Machine learning, Artificial Neural Network, Health disease detection and classification, and Human Computer Interaction, Robotics and Control System.


1. . Md Shofiqul Islam, Khondokar Fida Hasan, Shahadat Uddin, Pietro Lio’, Julian M.W. Quinn, Mohammad Ali Moni, HARDC : A novel ECG-based heartbeat classification method to detect arrhythmia using hierarchical attention based dual structured RNN with dilated CNN, Journal: Neural Network, Q1, ISI, Volume 162, May 2023, Pages 271-287, March 5, 2023. [Impact Factor: 9.657]

2. Md Shofiqul Islam, Fahmid Al Farid, Mamunur Rashid.,Md Nahidaul Islam, Multimodal Hybrid Deep Learning Approach to Detect Tomato Leaf Disease Using Attention Based Dilated Convolution Feature Extractor with Logistic Regression Classification., Journal: MDPI Sensor,Q1, ISI, vol 22, pages. 6079 , Issue 16, August 2022. [Impact Factor: 3.847]

3. Md Shofiqul Islam, Md Nahidul Islam, Noramiza Hasim, Mamunur Rashid, Bifta Sama Bari, Fahmid Al Farid.,New Hybrid Deep Learning Approach Using BiGRU-BiLSTM and Multilayered Dilated CNN to Detect Arrhythmia.,Journal: IEEE access,Q1, ISI, vol 10, , pages. 58081-58096, June 2022. [Impact Factor: 3.36]

4. Md Shofiqul Islam, and Ab Ghani, Ngahzaifa and Ahmed, Md Manjur, A review on recent advances in Deep learning for Sentiment Analysis: Performances, Challenges and Limitations author: Journal: COMPUSOFT: An International Journal of Advanced Computer Technology, Volume. 9, Pages 1-11, year. 2020 [Impact Factor: 3.3]

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7. Imran Khandokar and Hasan, M and Ernawan, F and Md Shofiqul Islam, and Kabir, MN, Handwritten character recognition using convolutional neural network, booktitle. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, volume. 1918, number. 4, pages. 042152, year. 2021, organization=IOP Publishing. [Impact Factor: .48 (Scopus Indexed)]

8. Md Shofiqul Islam, and Sultana, and Roy, Uttam Kumar and Al Mahmud, Jubayer and Jahidul, S, HARC-New Hybrid Method with Hierarchical Attention Based Bidirectional Recurrent Neural Network with Dilated Convolutional Neural Network to Recognize Multilabel Emotions from Text,  Jurnal Ilmiah Teknik Elektro Komputer dan Informatika (JITEKI), volume. 7, number. 1, pages. 142–153, year. 2021 [Sinta Impact Factor: 1.35]

9. Md Shofiqul Islam, and and Islam, Md Jabbarul, New Hybrid Deep Learning Method to Recognize Human Action from Video, journal. Jurnal Ilmiah Teknik Elektro Komputer dan Informatika, volume. 7, number. 2, pages. 306–313, year. 2021 [Sinta Impact Factor: 1.35]

10. Md Shofiqul Islam, and Hasan, Md Munirul and Rahim, Md Abdur and Hasan, Ali Muttaleb and Mynuddin, Mohammad and Khandokar, Imran and Islam, Md Jabbarul, Machine Learning-Based Music Genre Classification with Pre-Processed Feature Analysis, Jurnal Ilmiah Teknik Elektro Komputer dan Informatika (JITEKI), volume. 7, number. 3, pages. 491–502, year. 2021 [Sinta Impact Factor: 1.35]

11. Md Shofiqul Islam, and kumar Roy, Uttam and Al Mahmud, Jubayer, A review on video classification with methods, findings, performance, challenges, limitations and future work, Jurnal Ilmiah Teknik Elektro Komputer dan Informatika (JITEKI), volume. 6, number. 2, pages. 47–57, year. 2020. [Sinta Impact Factor: 1.35].


  • Conference for M3F2020 - Innovative Manufacturing, Mechatronics and Materials Forum, Time: 2020 6 August 2020, University Malaysia Pahang, Gambang, Pahang, Kuantan, Malaysia.
  • The 9th International Conference on Computer Science & Computational Mathematics (ICCSCM 2020), Online conference, Time: 9 - 10 July 2020, Lanakwi, Malaysia.


  • Performed as a keynote speaker on Fundamental of Deep learning, 10 June 2021.

Arranged by EEE, Atish Dipanakar University of Science and Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  • Proofreading & Presentation Skills Workshop, 28 Aug 2019.

Arranged by Postgraduate Association, University Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia.

  • Workshop on Review Paper Writing: Publish in High Impact journal 29-30 May 2019.

Arranged by Automotive Engineering Centre, University Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia.

  • Online workshop learning of advanced in Python Deep learning 24 Nov 2018.

Arranged by The Institute of Engineers, Malaysia.

  • Workshop on Endnote and Web of Science 18 Apr 2018.

Arranged by Central Library, University Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia.

  • BdREN training on Research and Internet infrastructure 20 Nov 2015.

Arranged by Senate Bhaban,Dhaka University.

  • Participated and obtained third position on the Departmental Programming C contest 13 Aug 2013

Arranged by Islamic University, Kushtia-7003, Bangladesh.

  • Workshop on Software and Hardware troubleshooting 10 June 2010

Arranged by Islamic University, Kushtia-7003, Bangladesh.




Database Management Systems

Operating System

Computer Programming

Microprocessors Microcontroller & Assembly Language

Compiler Design

Data Structure


Discrete Mathematics

System analysis and design

Artificial Intelligence 

Pattern Recognition

Image processing

Signal Processing

Database Management Systems



Object-Oriented Programming Language (C++, JAVA)

Computer Programming

Computer Networking and Distributed System

Microprocessors Microcontroller & Assembly Language

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Operating System

Pattern Recognition etc.



  • FACULTY MEMBER, Department of CSE, Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST), Mirpur Cantonment, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh.
    Duration: March, 2023 – Present.
  • Graduate Research Assistant, Faculty of Computing, University Malaysia Pahang, University Malaysia Pahang Pahang, Malaysia.

Duration: Oct 2018 – November 2022

  • Senior Lecturer, Computer Science and Engineering, Atish Dipankar University of Science and Technology Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh 

Duration: November 2016 - September 2018

  • Lecturer, Computer Science and Engineering, First Capital University of Bangladesh(FCUB) Chuadanga, Bangladesh.

Duration: February 2015- October 2016



  • Python Languages:

Machine learning algirithm: Support Vector Machine, Random forest and all other hybrid algorithm implementation for classification and prediction.

Deep learning algorithm: CNN, RNN, GRU, LSTM and all other hybrid model implementation for classification with unsupervised knowledge.

Other tools: Numpy, Pandas, Sikitlearn, MatplotLib etc

  • Other programming knowledge:

Advanced level: Matlab, C, C++, Java, Mysql, PHP.

Medium level: Visual studio,C-Sharp,

Basic Level: HTML, CSS, Javascript.