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Recent String of Successes of MCC teams in Competitive Programming

Recent String of Successes of MCC teams in Competitive Programming

MIST Teams at RUET IUPC 2022

As the field of technology continues to evolve, the barrier separating creativity and logic begins to blur and programming becomes the most sought-after skill to keep in pace with the modern world. MIST Computer Club (MCC) diligently encourages young minds to delve into the vast domain of out-of-the-box thinking, logical evaluation and problem-solving. Over the span of years, MCC has developed a successful dynamic between the experienced and the novice, which acted as a primary constituent in creating an amicable and productive community. The consequence is evident in the recent series of achievements hoarded in the field of competitive programming.

In February 2020, MIST successfully hosted the National Collegiate Programming Contest (NCPC) 2020, which is a flagship event in the arena of competitive programming in Bangladesh. Shortly after the mega event, everything was brought to a standstill owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even so, MCC managed to continue its activities online. In ICPC 2020 Asia Dhaka Regional Contest hosted by the University of Dhaka, which was held online in August 2021, team MIST_NashInMate secured the 45th position. The team was formed of A.S.M. Rakibul Hasan (CSE-19), Mahedi Kamal Avash (CSE-19) and M Rayhan Ferdous Faisal (CSE-20).

In the post-pandemic period, the IUPC that marked the resumption of onsite contests was RUET IUPC 2022. Two teams, MIST_Hadron and MIST_Trijkstra took part there. MIST_Hadron, composed of Tariquel Islam Tamim (CSE-19), Mahedi Kamal Avash (CSE-19) and Muhammad Samee Sevas (CSE-20) grabbed the 45th position there. Not long after, MIST_CodeRedRebels and MIST_Decoders participated in the AUST IUPC 2022. After that, MIST_CodeRedRebels and MIST_Phantoms participated at BUET IUPC 2022. In January 2023, MIST_BitMusketeers consisting of Adib Hossain (CSE-20), Muhammad Samee Sevas (CSE-20) and Shekh. Md. Saifur Rahman (CSE-20) achieved 44th place at SUST IUPC 2023.

MIST_BitMusketeers at SUST IUPC 2023

In August, Sylhet Engineering College arranged an Inter-University Junior Programming Contest for the students of Level 1 and Level 2. Three teams from MIST, MIST_Decoders, MIST_Lumos and MIST_UpsideDown partook in the SEC IUJPC 2022 among which MIST_Decoders, consisting of Abrar Mahir Esam (CSE-21), Zarif Zeisan Mustafa (CSE-21) and Munjib Hasan Chowdhury (CSE-21) ended up at the 21st position.

MIST Teams in SEC IUJPC 2022

In the Preliminary Round of Code Samurai 2022, held in November 2022, two teams from MIST secured their positions on the top 30 of the leaderboard, overpowering more than 200 teams all over Bangladesh. Team MIST_Incognito, consisting of Raiyan Abrar (CSE-19), Md. Tariquel Islam Tamim (CSE-19) and Nazia Shehnaz Joynab (CSE-19) sealed the 15th position while team MIST_GreyMatter, consisting of Adib Hossain (CSE-20), M Rayhan Ferdous Faisal (CSE-20) and Tariq Hasan Rizu (CSE-20) ended up at the 27th position.

MIST Teams in Code Samurai 2022

Furthermore, team MIST_Frostbyte, consisting of A.S.M. Rakibul Hasan (CSE-19), M Rayhan Ferdous Faisal (CSE-20) and Tariq Hasan Rizu (CSE-20) qualified for the ICPC 2021 Asia West Continent Final Contest, which marked one of the biggest successes achieved to date. In December 2022, this team took part in the contest representing MIST for the first time ever. Such eminent progress acted as a trailblazer for future ambitious coders. Previously, this team also secured the 44th position in the ICPC 2021 Asia Dhaka Regional Contest hosted by BUBT in October 2022. The team also became the Second Runner-Up (3rd) in the DRMC Programming Contest 2023 hosted by DRMC IT Club in February 2023.

Team MIST_Frostbyte in ICPC ASIA-WEST Continent 2021

In National Girls’ Programming Contest (NGPC) 2021, hosted by Daffodil International University via online in November 2021, four teams from MIST took part. All of the teams finished within the top 60 with team MIST_BugSquashers, consisting of Fairooz Nawar Nawme (CSE-19), Shejuti Binte Feroz (CSE-20) and Syeda Raisa Rahman (CSE-21) leading at the 24th position. In July 2022, MIST_BugSquashers, consisting of Afrina Kabir (CSE-19), Amrin Akter Pinky (CSE-19) and Shejuti Binte Feroz (CSE-20) got the opportunity to participate in the Ada Lovelace National Girls’ Programming Contest 2021 hosted by the University of Asia Pacific and achieved the 24th place.

Team from MIST at National Girls’ Programming Contest 2021

Following the footsteps of former results, eight teams from MIST participated in the Online Preliminary Round of the National Girls' Programming Contest 2022 in February 2023, among which three eligible teams will be participating in the Main Round at Daffodil International University on 25 February 2023. Team MIST_Object_Grind consisting of Ellora Yasi (CSE-20), Syeda Raisa Rahman (CSE-21) and Maria Sultana (CSE-21) secured the 9th position in the preliminary round, among more than 250 participating teams, while team MIST_Revolution consisting of Shejuti Binte Feroz (CSE-20), Sadia Jahan Moon (CSE-21) and Mayeesha Musarrat (CSE-21) ended up at the 24th position.

Team MIST_Object_Grind at the Online Preliminary Round of the National Girls' Programming Contest 2022

Held on 11 February 2023, two teams from MIST secured their position among the top 50 in the leaderboard in ICPC 2022 Asia Dhaka Regional Online Preliminary Contest hosted by Green University of Bangladesh. Team MIST_FrostByte_1.1 and team MIST_EndGame secured 44th and 45th positions respectively among 1648 teams. MIST_FrostByte_1.1 consists of M Rayhan Ferdous Faisal (CSE-20), Muhammad Samee Sevas (CSE-20) and Tariq Hasan Rizu (CSE-20). MIST_EndGame consists of Tariquel Islam Tamim (CSE-19), Wasif Ul Islam (CSE-19) and Mahedi Kamal Avash (CSE-19).

HoD Visiting frequent Practise Contests organized by MCC at MMG Lab, MIST

Under the guidance of a diligent student panel, Moderator Lec Raiyan Rahman, Advisor Brig Gen Md Mahfuzul Karim Majumder (HoD, CSE) and respected Comdt, MIST as the Cheif Patron MCC strives to put its best efforts to create a continued conducive environment for future promising coders. With the assistance of dedicated instructors and trainers, continuous arduous training programs and support from the highest authority, MCC hopes to maximize its performance on competitive platforms and aspires to bring better and applaudable results in the future.

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