Department of Aeronautical Engineering (AE)

Saif Reza

Lecturer, Department of Aeronautical Engineering (AE)


  • Interviewing course applicants
  • Lecture planning, preparation and research
  • Checking and assessing students’ work
  • Encouraging personal development via tutorial or pastoral work
  • Attending staff meetings
  • General administration
  • Writing research proposals, papers and other publications
  • Managing research budgets.


Educational Background

B.Sc. in Aeronautical Engineering(2014-17)

Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST),
Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP),
Mirpur, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh.


Subject Taught

     1. Theory

  • Introduction to Aeronautical Engineering
  • Solid Mechanics

     2. Sessional

  • Solid Mechanics sessional
  • Thermodynamics sessional
  • Aerodynamics & Wind Tunnel Testing sessional
  • Machine Shop sessional
  • Metallurgy sessional


Personal Information

Religion: Islam
Blood Group: B+
Permanent Address: H/N-260, Binodpur Bazar, Motiher, Rajshahi-6206, Bangladesh.
Mailing Address: House: 13, Road no: 06, Block-C, Mirpur-12, Pallabi, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh.


Technical Skills

Basic Computer skill: Microsoft Office, Excel, Powerpoint, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator.
Engineering Software: MATLAB, Solidworks, AutoCAD, OriginLab, ANSYS.
Programming Language: C, C++, Arduino.


Major Projects and Participations

  • Participate in Engineering Poster Presentation Competition, in IUT, National Mechanical Festival (Mecceleration 2014)
    # Selected for the final phase of the competition.
  • Design, Fabrication and Demonstration of a UAV with automated payload dropping mechanism: Future Flight Design (FFD 2015), Istanbul, Turkey (Vice Group Leader; Structure and Fabrication Team Head).
    #Selected for the final phase of the competition, scored 79 out of 100 in the technical report.
    #Stood 19 out of 34 teams.
  • Participate in Aero Olympiad-2016, Organized by Dept. of Aeronautical Engg, MIST, Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
    #Stood 2nd in the Competition.
  • Design of a Light Business Jet Family, Undergraduate Aircraft DesignCompetition, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Reston, USA (Fuselage and Structure Team member)
    #Selected in the Aircraft Design Phase.

Training Experience 

Industrial Training: Bangladesh Biman; Industrial attachment training program in Bangladesh Biman for 1 month in 2016.

#Carry out routine maintenance work and respond to equipment faults
#Diagnose breakdown problems
#Fit new parts and make sure equipment is working correctly
#Carry out quality inspections on jobs
#Control maintenance tools, stores and equipment
#Monitor and control maintenance costs
#Deal with emergencies, unplanned problems and repairs
#Improve health and safety policies and procedures