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Workshop on “Learning Machine Learning: The ML Pipeline”

Workshop on “Learning Machine Learning: The ML Pipeline”

An online workshop on "Learning Machine Learning: The ML Pipeline" was arranged by Dept of CSE, MIST was held on 16th August, 2020. 

The session started with a welcome address by the chair of the session, Brig Gen Sajjad Hossain, HoD, Dept of CSE, MIST.  Prof Dr. Md. Mahbubur Rahman and Lec Raiyan Rahman were the moderators and the anchor of the session respectively. 

The workshop was attended by over 220 participants including students and Faculty members of MIST mainly from the CSE department. 

Dr. Junaid Sattar, Assistant Professor, Dept of CSE, University of Minnesota took the first session on the topic “Applied Deep Machine Learning for Underwater Machine-Human Collaboration”. He gave the students and participants valuable insights into the research domain of ML specifically in Robotics. 

The second session was taken by Dr. Rushdi Shams, Senior Machine Learning Engineer, OneClass, Canada, who gave the students much information and directions on the basics of ML, the ML pipeline and the industry practices in Machine Learning. 

The session was concluded with a vote of thanks to the speakers and the participants by the session moderator and with hopes of future collaboration among MIST and speakers especially in the form of more such online initiatives and e-classes on ML for MIST students.