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Research Paper Publication of MIST Faculty Member in Q1 Ranking Journal


A research paper of Lt Col Md. Jahidul Islam, PhD (first author) and Lecturer Md. Shahjalal (third author), CE Dept, MIST has been published in a Q1 Category Elsevier Journal “Journal of Construction and Building Materials” (Cite Score = 8.8, IF = 6.141), Volume 337, 27 June 2022, 127577. The title of the article is “Influence of different types of fibers on the mechanical properties of recycled waste aggregate concrete”.
The study investigates the influence of different fibers, such as galvanized iron (GI) fiber and polypropylene (PP) fiber, on the physical and mechanical properties of natural aggregate concrete (NAC) and recycled aggregate concrete (RAC). Results revealed that the effect of GI fiber was more significant in compressive strength than that of PP fiber. Concrete with 15 mm long GI fiber showed the highest compressive and split tensile strengths than the other GI fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC). Approximately 42% and 13% higher split tensile strength was observed from NAC and RAC with 15 mm GI fiber. The GI fiber tended to arrest the crack formations in concrete better than PP fiber reinforced concrete. Moreover, incorporating GI fiber increased the flexural strength and toughness of the concrete compared to PP fiber. Finally, it is recommended to use 15 mm long GI fiber with an aspect ratio of 30 both in NAC and RAC.
Full Paper can be accessed by the following link: