Our Achievements

Research Paper Publication of MIST Faculty Member in Q1 Ranking Journal


A research paper of Lecturer Md. Daluar Hussain Sumon, NAME Dept, MIST has been published as first author in a Q1 Category Elsevier Journal “Ocean Engineering” (Cite Score=5.6, IF=3.795, H-index=100, ranking it 1 out of 16 Elsevier journals in Naval, Ocean, & Marine Engineering), Volume 249, April 2022, Article 110889. The title of the article is “Numerical Assessment of the Scale Effects on the Propulsive Performances of a Ship With Gate Rudder System”.

The Gate Rudder System is a novel energy-saving and maneuvering device for ships introduced recently by Prof. Noriyuki Sasaki. In this study, it is predicted that improved propulsive performance and more than 12% power savings for the ship with the gate rudder system can be achieved in full loading conditions compared to the conventional rudder for the selected general cargo ship. Scale effect on the performances of gate rudder has been investigated rigorously by CFD.

Full Paper can be accessed by the following link: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0029801822003274?dgcid=coauthor