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Research Paper Publication of Lt Col Md Jahidul Islam, Phd in Q1 Ranking Journal


A research paper of Lt Col Md. Jahidul Islam, PhD (first author) and Lecturer Md. Shahjalal (second author), CE Dept, MIST has been published in a Q1 Category Elsevier Journal “Journal of Building Engineering” (IF = 5.318). The title of the article is “Mechanical and Durability Properties of Concrete Containing Polypropylene as a Partial Replacement of Coarse Aggregate.
Thus, this study inspects the potentialities of polypropylene (PP) plastic as coarse aggregate in concrete. This study aims to evaluate the mechanical and durability properties of PP concrete. The experimental results reveal that the workability of concrete increased with the addition of PP aggregate into the mixture. Almost 5% and 10% density reduction can be achieved using 10% and 20% PP content, respectively. In terms of compressive strength, MoE, STS, and flexural strength, all the properties were decreased after incorporating PP aggregate into the concrete. At elevated temperatures, compressive strength decreased up to 10.8% and 34% at 100 °C and 200 °C, respectively. Besides, the shrinkage percentage increased with increasing the percentage of PP aggregate. However, the chloride ion penetrability of all PP concrete was fell in the moderate category. Regarding bond strength, 10% PP concrete exhibits better strength and a higher slip bearing capacity than the other percentages. Moreover, the PP concrete cylinders exhibited comparatively ductile failure than that of brittle failure of the reference concrete. Finally, to produce efficient and eco-friendly concrete, it is suggested to use PP aggregate up to 10% in structural concrete.
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